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transformation ZAYAZ offices 's-Hertogenbosch

The existing 1980's office building of housing corporation ZAYAZ is transformed into a contemporary working environment. The stairwell became the central pivot in the building: all the collective facilities are loosely grouped around this. The office layout is open and flexible, with a pleasant work atmosphere based on the principles of Het Nieuwe Werken. Special attention is paid to giving clients a warm welcome.

facade ZAYAZ offices with new window fronts and canopies, photography Joep Jacobs
entrance hall with meeting rooms, offices and central volume with stairs
entrance hall with reception desk
central staircase
central staircase
offices with printed glass
lockers and staircase
first floor with flexible workplaces
offices with printed glass
workplace and cupboard
conference table in bambou central core
second floor with flex desk and copy element
conference table
work and lunch cafe in former workshop
bench in work and lunch cafe
conference room above work and lunch cafe
enclosed terrace work and lunch cafe
renewed stairwell as central pivot and core
ground floor ZAYAZ office model
first floor ZAYAZ office model
consultation and reception desk model