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Veilingzaal Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

The soft furnishings in the Veilingzaal (auction room) – part of the former Graanbeurs (corn exchange) – are being replaced. The newly-designed wall lining consists of broadcloth, on which a newly-designed pattern is stitched in coloured threads: an abstract cornfield. The pattern refers to an Egyptian system of measurement on which Berlage, at the turn of the 19th century, based the design of the façades of the Beurs. The ears of corn refer to the former function of the hall, but also to the abstract, floral and plant figures depicted in the original wall decorations in the Exchange building.

samples of wall lining, curtains and panelling
inspiration for pattern: cornfield
pattern of wall lining covering
impression of Veilingzaal (auction room) with new wall lining
wall lining in production