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Onderwijsmuseum De Holland Dordrecht

The office building of fire insurance company Brandverzekeringsmaatschappij Holland van 1859 was designed in 1939 by Sybold van Ravesteijn. Now the building is transformed into educational museum Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum.  The open-plan office on the first floor as well as the lower level are refurbished as exhibition spaces connected by a vide. Educational and catering facilities are realised in the original design format on both sides of the entrance. A new, centrally-situated staircase and lift access the three floors. The boardroom is restored to its original state and used as a representative, leasable facility.

facade Onderwijsmuseum De Holland, Dordrecht
entrance desk Onderwijsmuseum
exhibition space with vide to lower floor
exhibition space
lower floor with exhibihion space
new inner front to cafe
cafe, museum shop and entrance
café with new buffet
detail reading table
detail inner front cafe
café with reading table
lift and stair element
staircase and liftelement in board room
lift and stairs from first to second floor.
detail inner front board room
lockers in basement
sanitary services in baswement
office, Brandverzekeringsmaatschappij De Holland in 1939