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Mariakapel Sint-Janskathedraal 's-Hertogenbosch

With 300,000 lighted candles the Mariakapel is the most frequently-visited place of worship in the Netherlands. A slightly curved, deep-red screen serves as a backdrop for the statue of the Virgin Mary that is mounted on a shatter-proof glass sheet. The statue occupies centre stage: all superfluous elements have been removed. The statue is positioned in the midst of a sea of flowers and is separated from the public by a gently-curving candle stand. Only the statue is spotlighted. Inconspicuously to the side stands a plain candle holder with a dark-walnut veneer finish.

Maria altar, photograph Sybolt Voeten
entrance with candle holder, photograph Joep Jacobs
candle holder with visitors’ book, photograph Joep Jacobs