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Fries Museum Leeuwarden

The new Fries Museum is a public building where the renewed Wilhelminaplein flows seamlessly into the entrance hall of the museum building. A system of stairways runs round a large atrium connecting the several floors with museum halls, film auditoriums, a brasserie and offices. The workplaces are designed according to the principles of Het Nieuwe Werken. Bierman Henket designed the public part of the building: an entrance reception desk, a museum shop, film auditoriums, a cloakroom, and rows of seats and seating elements. The building is open and welcoming and aims to tempt the shopping public to visit the museum or cinema above.

Fries Museum on renovated Wilhelminaplein, photograph Michel Kievits
conference room on upper floor
plinths with scale-models on walkway
daylight hall Fries Museum
atrium with stairways, walkways and view of the city
entrance and brasserie
seating elements, entresol with Claudy Jongstra tapestry
entrance hall with public passageway to shopping centre at the rear
entrance reception desks with entresol and Claudy Jongstra tapestry
museum shop with combination display and seating element
wall unit, museum shop
cloakroom with lockers
film auditorium, photograph Michel Kievits