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funeral centre De Nieuwe Ooster Amsterdam

An elongated office and funeral complex is situated in the facility zone of De Nieuwe Ooster cemetery. The funeral centre is orientated towards the cemetery. Four bereavement rooms, two foyers and supporting facilities are interwoven in an ingenious way. Wooden slats in front of the glass fa├žades filter the daylight and provide privacy. Sliding walls can soundproof and partition off the bereavement rooms from the entrance area. In order to enhance the sound insulation, the sliding walls have custom-designed, profiled surfaces. The furniture was designed by Claudia Stalpers.

entrance to funeral centre, photography René de Wit
entrance and view of the bereavement rooms
waiting area with closed bereavement room
waiting area with open bereavement room
bereavement room
sliding wall made of profiled PlexWood, photograph Bierman Henket
sample of wood profiling, photograph Bierman Henket